..very touching words..

Remember when you smiled and laugh
He looked at you jealously
His jealousy was so intense for
You are only His
The new person turned you away from His face
You seemed so happy but deep down your inner self is dying
He who ever loves you could not bear to see your dying self
He calls you thousands of times but His calls you ignored
He gazes at you lovingly but you were so blinded by your new found company
For love He let you go...left you on your own...
Then you grasped in the dark
You fumbled and fell down hard....your whole being was gravely aching
Suddenly you cry out His name
Regretting your folly
He who is ever present
Longing for your sweet voice
Just waiting for you to grasp His ever extending hand
Which you cannot see before for you were blinded by mortal love
His love for you made Him let you go
To make you come running back to Him

poem ni..(poem ke?) ta tahu la.. sangt menyentuh perasaan saya.. saya kopipes dari mak cik wan mazwati punyer status..so saya rase mcm nk share ngn sume org..terima kasih mak cik,,

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