being alone is not thaaaat bad.


arhhhh.. so long time no see this blog. haha yeahh.. creepy long time.. macam macam cerita yang dah berlari lari anak dalam kehidupan saya since than...

today 31 oct 2014. pukul 1.53 or something.. i'm writing on again.. saya dah pulang semula ke Egypt thank Godd... yeah.. kinda have to admit it that I love this stinking country a lottle.. which is a lot. haha yeah, kali ini saya balik, tak sama macam balik balik yang sebelum ni, saya pindah rumah baru.. creepy right?.. new house.. new housemates.. new surrounding.. new bed.. new room position,.. new-not-my-window any more.... and a lotttttttt of new thing.. that sometimes drive me crazy... and sometimes suck me crying in the toilet because of all this new things.. so far.. so good Alhamdulillah. owh! before i forget! i've made it to the third year of my islamic studies! hoorey, ehem! i mean Alhamdulillah... :)

kinah is not here yet, she went back to Malaysia for a lot of reasons of hers.. i don't care,.. huhhhh. i'm terribly sad actually.. but just don't want to think of it and never want to mess up with this issue again... or, anymore.... its just a silly sad story of mine..

so i'm considering myself to be alone, even i got 10 housemates this time.. just don't know why.. such a loner.. but it is okay for me, new thing sometimes create excitement... R.I.P english grammar. what ever.. who cares? nope.. nobody.

this language is weird. but i like it... learning.. learning.. learning... what ever.

being alone is not that bad thing.. i'm coping with it... :) wish me luck.